Essay How Religion And Morality Intertwine

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This essay explores how religion and morality intertwine. More often, morality is perceived unsatisfactory without religion because why should someone be moral if there is no reward after every day life’s struggle. According to Gaukroger (2012), during the 17th century, it was perceived that morality could not do without religion. This view gradually changed in 1690 when Pierre Bayle asserted that religion is neither necessary nor sufficient for morality.
The assumption of a fundamental link between religion and morality brings about the argument for the existence of God. The fact that there are moral guidelines to help us in living our daily lives in a purposeful manner does it mean there is a God? It is impossible to think of a command without a commander (Owen, 1965). In this context, Owen ascertains that there is a God. According to Christianity, we were created by God to fulfil an intended purpose. This has been altered by the Catholic Church into natural law. We can understand how we behave by working out what our purpose is and this is manifested in the way that we are created. An example of this theory at work is the condemnation of homosexuality by Pope. The natural outcome of sexual intercourse is conception and anything deviating from this is an abomination. Monotheistic religions such Islam, Judaism and Christianity define morality in the sense that they adhere to a set of rules set forth by their respective Gods to guide them in their everyday life.…

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