How Plaque Can Build Up A Healthy Mouth Essays

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It is very important to keep your teeth clean, especially when you have braces. You could get Gingivitis, cavities, Halitosis and many other issues. In this paper, I will address the issues that come with bad oral hygiene and how to have and keep a healthy mouth. Plaque can build up on teeth. Plaque can get into hard to reach spaces, especially with braces since it can hide between the brackets and wires. Plaque is a sticky and colorless lump of bacteria, saliva, and food which turns into a gooey white substance that sticks to teeth, which will build up on your teeth over time, and can build up anywhere in the mouth and can be hard to reach spaces. There are over 500 million bacteria and there are over 80 different species of bacteria in plaque. The plaque can build up a large amount and destroy tooth enamel. It does this because when sugar or starch is eaten the bacteria in the plaque produce an acid that destroys tooth enamel. The acid can cause cavities and do other damage to your teeth such as tooth decay and gum disease. The bad breath is caused by bacteria stinking. When you get braces, getting the plaque off and out from between the teeth gets harder, and that will make it more likely if you do not brush and floss good and regularly. There is a higher chance that you will get more plaque at once and then there will be more enamel being destroyed, which leads to tooth decay and cavities, Which means that in…

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