How Planting Trees On The Agricultural Production And Decreasing Deforestation?

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The authors ' goal of this article is to educate the audience who has a little knowledge/information about the topic. The author gives brief explanations of the importance of trees in nature preservation and reduces the impact of climate change that currently affecting Ethiopia. He asserts that one way to effectively reduce the deforestation problem in Ethiopian is through Agroforestry the integration of trees. The author outline how planting trees can benefit to change the climate of the affected regions, increase soil fertility and prevent soil erosions. He states that in some part of Ethiopia, where agroforestry practice, it has made incredible progress on slowing down water evaporation and making the soil more fertile. This article is relevant to my topic because it provides me with the solutions that prevent climate change and increased soil productivity. The strength that was observed in the article is that the author illustrates the benefits of planting trees on the agricultural production and decreasing deforestation. Agidie Akilu is socio- economist at Adet research center in the Amhara Region Institute of Agricultural Research (ARIAR). Agidie published multiple articles related to agriculture and forestry.
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