How Pip Is A Growing Individual Essay

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The Changes That Occur In Pip In the novel Great Expectation, Pip is a growing individual. His personality changes many times throughout the story. He starts out as a young boy, who is bothered by the fact that he never got to meet his biological parents. While he was in the graveyard, he runs into a distraught man, who is dirty and soaked in water. He later realizes that the man was an escaped convict on the run. The convict grabbed Pip and hung him upside down. He then demanded Pip to deliver him a file and food. Pip was very frightened and submissive. “I was dreadfully frightened, and so giddy that I clung him with both my hands.” (Page 3) Pip ran home in fear, as he got home he realized that his sister, Mrs. Joe, was very fuming and looking for him hysterically. Mrs. Joe’s husband, Mr. Joe, was trying to protect Pip from his abusive sister to the best of his ability. “Get behind the door, old chap, and have the jack-towel betwixt you.” (Page 7) Pip loved and respected Joe, because he was the only person who ever cared for him. Later on, Pip returned to the convict with to food and file. While on his way to the churchyard he ran into another cruel and angry escaped convict. Pip ran away again in fear. Afterwards he found his convict and gave him the food; the convict ate it up as if he were an animal. Even though Pip was afraid for his life, he still had the kindness is his heart to ask him if he enjoyed his meal. “I made bold to stay, ‘I’m glad you enjoy it,’” (Page…

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