How People Are More Important Than Ideas Essay

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Many things shaped Nikki’s writings. Her style was sensitive, talking about the struggles of being black from social, political, cultural, and economic standpoints (Carson 901). Nikki often wrote about what she was going through at the time (Carson 903); she wrote many of her works while dealing with the anger she felt toward her grandma’s death, as well as when she had cancer (“Nikki” 154). She also wrote about what she believes in. focusing on how people are more important than ideas (Pettis 126). Nikki’s grandma was an activist, as well as one of the many influences on her writing. Her parents and grandparents taught her a lot of the things she wrote about. Nikki was also influenced by powerful women in the world. Her French and English teachers in high school helped further her career, so she wrote about them (“Nikki” 151). She was also influenced by leaders of the Black Arts Movement (“Nikki” 152) and Civil Rights Movement, talking about the struggle of being black in America (“Nikki” 155).
Nikki’s early writings talked about black trends. She became a spokesperson for new black trends, and was often admired by older writers (Carson 903). Her writings connected history to the present by adding fiction to truthful events. She based her early writings on Langston Hughes and other Harlem Renaissance poets. Nikki liked to write about her personal milestones and tragedies (“Nikki” 151), such as when her son Tommy was born and she was criticized (Carson 902).…

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