Nikki Giovanni: An Inspirational Poet

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Nikki Giovanni not like any other writer is a strong, independent, African American woman. Although, her childhood wasn’t the brightest, it pushed her to strive and become one of the best female poets in literary history. Her books and her poems zoom in on the struggles of many African Americans and her own personal experiences. Not many people can say that they succeeded in their life and are satisfied at where they are now. Not only can Nikki Giovanni say she succeeded and made a better life for herself but her writings says it all. In the life of Nikki Giovanni there were many ups and downs but she over came them and became an outstanding idol and leader. Nikki’s strength and motivation passes through all of her readers instantly by reading just one line from her writings. Giovanni is a headstrong, determined, inspirational writer. To Start, Giovanni’s background causes her to be an inspirational writer by speaking her mind and having a stern attitude. Magill’s Survey of American Literature says “Giovanni was born on June 7th, 1943 in Knoxville, Tennessee” (1). Nikki Giovanni was born Yolande Cornelia Giovanni Jr. She lived with her parents as a child in Cincinnati, Ohio during the hard times of segregation. Giovanni was …show more content…
It takes a real soldier to make it from the bottom to the top MVP. Not many poets or writers are expected to be remembered in the future but Nikki Giovanni’s name will carry on for centuries. At first when Nikki started of in Fisk many would think she would not make it anywhere but she never stopped fighting and now she is one of the most famous talked about poets. She isn 't like a typical poet she really cares about her readers. Nikki Giovanni truly wants the best for everyone. She is strong independent black woman who deserves to be honored for every thing she has done. Nikki Giovanni is currently a permanent teacher at Virgin Tech. Every piece of her poetry is held at the Mugar

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