How Might Antibiotic Resistance Arise? Bacteria ( See Class Notes And Power Points )?

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There are reports in the news of antibiotic resistant strains of Shigella sonnei. How might antibiotic resistance arise in bacteria (see class notes and power points)? Over the past 60 years humanity has reaped invaluable benefits from advancements in health care and technology1. The average life span of people living in developed nations have increased as access cutting edge medicine is made readily available. Diseases such as small pox have been completely eradicated. And contraction of viral diseases like herpes, HIV/AID, polio, and shingles is no longer a swift death sentence, despite the fact a carrier may remain so for life. While noteworthy strides towards a healthier human race have been made we still have major obstacles to overcome. Our initial discovery microscopic life was met with awe and fear. While scientist and laymen alike were amazed by the bustling microscopic world, they were equally weary concerning the effect these life forms have on human health. Not realizing that the majority of bacteria were not just beneficial but essential to human vitally, early scientist launch a campaign against microscopic life, which destroyed many forms of bacteria indiscriminate of their usefulness. It’s interesting to note how humans are quick to greet the unknown with fear and violence, whether it be bacteria, animal, or human life. Our textbook approach, of violence, towards the unknown is one of the factors which has led to our current health care dilemma of…

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