Essay on `` How Many Crabs Will We Catch?

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Apprehensively daring to ask, “How many crabs will we catch?”
Dr. Edwards replied, “We are allowed ten per person, so fifty.”
Mauricio who had only been left with two in his catch nervously observed Dr. Edwards and commented, “You make all this look and sound so easy!”
Dr. Edwards mentioned, “I have been doing this since I was a boy with my father. It’s now second nature to clamp the claw with one smooth swoop, just pick him up and drop him in the live well like this.”
Rigid Mauricio continued repeating the process throughout the four nets until they reached their limit. Only then did he demonstrate relief as he waived crab number fifty to signal they were done fishing. The experience made Mauricio reflect on the fact he was old and inexperienced. At his age he should have a boat and a son to whom he could pass on this same exact lesson.
It took Captain Edwards to solicit more help from Mauricio to get him out of his noticeable gloom. Demonstrating confidence in his ability Captain Edwards requested that he lift the anchor so they could pass through the inlet. Once again changing his voice to a parody, Captain Edwards began, “We have now arrived at the Silly Lilly Marina. Please keep all hands and feet inside the Cheeks until your Captain has cleared a graceful docking.” Having lived alone on a boat for so long already that docking was his great skill.
Waiting to welcome him at his slip were Augustine and Rainier, old friends that were gathered equipped to tether his…

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