Essay on How Malcolm X Changed The Literacy Skills

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Many African’s struggled to teach themselves how to read and write but many found ways to learn the literacy skills even though they were prohibited to. During the time when Malcolm X, Federick Douglass, and Richard Wright were growing up they were not allowed to learn how to read or write. Even though they were prohibited to learn those skills, Malcolm X, Federick Douglass, and Richard wright found their own ways to learn to read and write. I will discuss ways to improve my literacy skill and the thing I will sacrifice to obtain better skills. First, i will talk about how Malcolm X learned to read and write. Malcolm X learned to read by reading words off the dictionary. Then, he began to copy the words off the dictionary and that is how he obtained the skill of writing. While he was in prison he used this method and as time passed he improved a lot. According the the Autograph of Malcolm X by Malcolm X, he said that while he was in prison he would start to read around ten p.m but then they would call lights out. Even though they called lights out he was able to continue reading by a glow of light entering his room by sitting down on the floor from the corridor and would continue to read for a couple hours more. Secondly, I will examine how Federick Douglass learn to read and write while he was growing. Douglass while growing up was making friends of all the little white boys who went to school and were also learning the skills and turning them into teachers, so they…

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