How Literature Can Help Unify People Through Education Essay

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In the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, literature is defined as “writings in prose or verse: writings having excellence of form or expression and expressing ideas of permanent or universal interest.” The definition of literature has been up for debate for centuries, and at first, as explained in an article written by Arthur Krystal and published in Harper’s Magazine titled “What is Literature?”, literature was defined as “… any writing formed with letters.” Then, it became an opportunity for some to feel academically superior to others. For example, England made certain authors like Shakespeare, Spenser, and Milton were among the list of writers whose works were considered part of the literature movement. Furthermore, technological advancements have only introduced a new perspective on what constitutes as literature. Among those debating between what is literary and non-literary, all know the importance of having this discussion because being able to define what is literature will help unify people through education. The University of Freiburg’s definition sides closest to literature’s true definition because it is able to encompass a wide variety of texts and effectively defines the characteristics of literature. Texts discussed in class will support, fall outside, or complicate the definition proposed, and other definitions will be refuted or slightly modified.
To begin, the University of Freiburg’s online introductory course website states there are four types of criteria a…

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