How Healthily Their Feet Upon The Floor By Edna Millay

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The title of my poem is, "How Healthily Their Feet Upon the Floor" by Edna St. Vincent Millay. I believe that the significance of this title is about the childhood life. The word "healthily" means to be in good health, and it is referring to the feet on the floor, which I believe are dancing or running; the activities of a child which are forms of exercise. That is seen as good health; however, by only looking at the title a reader would not know that the poet is giving an expiation of childhood lives, memories, and experience. The first line of my poem is the same as the title, "How Healthily Their Feet Upon the Floor". This relates to the theme of my poem because the poet gives examples of the activities that the children are doing. Some …show more content…
I know that my poem is speaking from her point of view because it is speaking in first person. She is watching these children making memories and having great experiences, and she relates to them as we can see on line 9, "I know how lost forever, and at length". However, with such joyous experiences, it will all end the day you die—and that happens to everyone. In the last line of the poem, Millay defines herself believing in death and using the word 'rebuked ' towards it. Millay disapproves of the fact that she believes in death, because she is seeing young, happy children and it her disapprove in death even more . When reading this poem, I realized Millay adores life of the young and how carefree they are, but she knows that soon they will get older and die. She does not think that it is fair to live such a wonderful and happy life to soon get it taken from you. Most of the poem is very lighthearted and happy, but towards the end Mally realizes that there is death and becomes angry and disappointed that she believes in that when there is the life of children surrounding her. She describes the children being together on lines 2 and 3, "These are no spirits, but a band / of children". This sentence is about Millay denying death because the children provides life in replace of the dead. She is consistent that she does not approve of death in the with that sentence to her last line, "I am rebuked that I believe in

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