Essay on How Fashion Is Always Changing

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Fashion is always changing; month after month companies are coming up with new styles for the upcoming season. Particularly in stores like H&M, Zara, and Forever 21, they come up with fashion ideas and designs week after week. These stores are a part of big business, specifically when it comes to fast fashion. The phrase ‘fast fashion’ refers to designs rapidly move from the runway and into stores in order to have the current fashion trends. Although this seems like a fantastic notion for those who like to be trendy and in style at all times, this idea has more cons than pros. With this concept in mind, clothing chains have become more and more unsustainable, causing harm to not only the earth but to people as well. The cheap clothes that are continuously coming into the U.S. and other first world countries have no effect on those who live there, but they do affect those whom make it possible for us to have these fashionable and inexpensive items each and every week. Starting with the ones who plant the cotton all the way to those who make and ship the clothing. It all begins with the cotton, the Bacillus thuringiensis cotton to be exact. Bt cotton is a genetically modified organism that produces an insecticide to bollworm. Since bollworms tend to attack cotton Monsanto, a sustainable agriculture company, produces and sells this genetically modified cotton, mostly to Indian farmers. These farmers then plant the cotton and use pesticides to make sure their cotton…

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