Essay on How Energy Is The Best Way For Energy

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Introduction The purpose of this lab is to test for the most efficient way to transfer heat energy from the chip to the water beaker. The heat transfer was coming from burning a baked lay and through our calorimeter heat energy was pushed out. Our experiment was taken one step further to continue to modify and build a better calorimeter. Overall the purpose was to find the best way for energy to be captured.

Literature Review
Anything around us is generally matter. Everything we touch, the buildings we see, and the cars we ride in. “Energy is the ability to do work, or the ability to move or elicit change in matter (Castro).” It is important to know that energy is always conserved. It cannot be created nor destroyed. There are also two different kinds of energy, potential, and kinetic. Kinetic energy is simply the energy of motion. Potential energy is a stored energy that objects have because of their makeup (Castro).

Electromagnetic Radiation is all over (Lucas). It is the waves from your radio, or the waves being released because of radiation in your favorite outer space based sci-fi movie. Electromagnetic Radiation is simply the form of energy that takes many different forms (Lucas). “Without Electromagnetic Radiation the world would not exist (Tour).” It is said that the EM spectrum is our world’s foundation. Everyday uses involve using the spectrum without even realizing it (Tour). Some might ask if light was a wave, and others might say that light…

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