How Druidism Is A Religion As Old As Time Essay

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Druidism is a religion as old as time. Its members consist of people from all walks of life, and its practices are as diverse as the Druids themselves. They do not actively recruit new members but are happy to include any who show an interest in embracing the “…. spiritual journey of the individual’s soul, one that honours each unique vision and expression” (Orr, 1998, p. 13). Important questions to ask before committing to a life of Druidism is how the followers create order and meaning within their belief system; what are their central beliefs; what ritual practices and ethical views do they adhere to; and how do the Druids beliefs compare to those of other religions. Druidism is a very flexible religion. In fact, many assert that it is not a religion at all. It is not necessarily even a spiritual quest per se, but rather an unassuming way of life (p. 8). Therefore, there is not a need for order and meaning. There are no sacred scriptures, no single deity, and no pantheon. There are “no prophets who have laid down great truths with ritual obligations,” (p. 8). What can be found is a religion with many gods, real or imagined, and religious belief full of ancestral memories and heroes of myth. It is an intimate, unique journey that each member takes in order to form a bond with the soil in order to become so attuned to the Earth that its heartbeat can be felt. Its purpose is to lose the sense of self and become one with the surroundings.
Druids have been called Pagans for…

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