How Does Your Organization Foster Trust And Open Communication?

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1. How does your organization foster trust and open communication?
The organization fosters trust in what we do by not interfering with our hours of work and in the last of the remaining military members doing this part of the job they are not requesting orders for us.

Most of the open communication is via email and phone. I have seen the leadership once this year back in May. They are good at sending out weekly rosters for updates and for us to send them back with corrections, but if we have issues or problems in the immediate workplace they are there to assist. I do not belong to anyone on the base so the office that I use is borrowed. I maintain and keep the piece. Those in the building actually want the military to stay doing the job. According to Kouzes and Posner (2012) competence enfluences trust and confidence. Those on the building that will be doing my job want the position filled because of our knowledge and experience of administration.

2. How is teamwork, power, and authority defined?
Teamwork is the ability for a group of individuals to come together for the same goal. Having power is the ability to bring individuals together to work toward change in a certain area. I have the power to change the way I do my job here and how I interact with others in the building. Authority is the ability to direct how something will be completed and enforced. The authority (my boss) enforces the 10-day rule for counseling. I cannot change that, but what I have…

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