How Does The Picture Attack The Development And Structure Of Society?

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The picture I chose to analyze through various lenses was taken during a very important time that shall be embedded in world history until the end of time. This picture is a reflection and provides insight as to what black South-Africans endured from 1948 to 1991(Staff, 2010). This photo can be examined and debriefed through three different social sciences, anthropology, sociology and psychology. Using anthropology, the time era will be examined, what exactly was happening in south Africa. Along with this, gender roles, ethnic issues, social status, culture of violence and its historical impact will all be discussed. Through the eyes of a sociologist the question of how does the picture attack the development and structure of society. Lately, using psychology we will look at how the image attacks one’s psyche. What moods, thought and feelings does it trigger and how does it affect the viewer on a psychological level. Racial segregation and white supremacy were the focal points of the apartheid regime and is what ultimately allowed these 50 years to be the darkest years south Africa has ever seen.

The birth of the apartheid occurred long before the National Party gained power in the 1948 general elections. In 1913 the controversial land act was passed, this act racially segregated the whites and blacks of south Africa (Staff, 2010). White people had their land and the blacks had theirs, that was the way of life. In 1948 the National Party was voted into power and…

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