How Does The Body Image Has A Huge Impact On Young People 's Minds

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Human bodies are truly amazing as no one is exactly alike. So why is ‘body image’ such a big issue? In society today our body image or how we see ourselves is becoming a major problem (3). Youth are becoming more self-conscious about the way they look which is mainly due to unrealistic expectations forced onto them by everything around them. The desire to be thinner emerges in girls at ages as young as six (6). Figueroa’s Framework is a tool developed to evaluate various issues within society of which there are five levels. It is imperative that we can fight against low levels of self-esteem and what issues come of having a low self-esteem.
Body image has a huge impact on young people’s minds. For a lot of teens, their appearance is a main focus (1). 72% of all teenagers want to be thinner, despite being normal or less than normal weight (5).Today a lot of teenagers feel caged in; as if they cannot express themselves through their appearance without the opinion of others. They are confronted by images of perfect people or hurtful comments from peers wherever they go. In reality, the models that are portrayed by the media are covered in makeup and photo shopped, to fix any imperfections; making them fake. As teenagers can’t reach these unrealistic standards, they feel ugly, fat or not good enough. Body Image in Australian girls was lowest, and in boys, second lowest, in Western industrialised countries (5). Later on in life this can cause greater problems such as depression,…

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