How Does Society Change Our Society? Essay

1090 Words Feb 22nd, 2016 null Page
In life everyone just lives day to day. There are very few who actually disconnect life from the past. particularly not every day is there a person who takes time to analyze how our society became what it is today. Everyday society changes for the better or for the worst but in every little change everyone adapts because there is nothing else to do but continue living. However some things in society should not be they way they are simply because power is the key to change and we all have power but somethings that need to be changed always go undiscovered. All are taught to live by equality. No man or women is greater than the next but that is not the case anymore. In wit women hold all power to our world but men are given the credit. For centuries the female body physically, mentally, and emotionally has always been based on the perception of what males want, need and feel. Our society has been ruled through a man’s point of view for centuries, but in reality women hold life together physically, mentally, and emotionally.
No one chooses to be the sex they are but when one is born it’s clear what role in society they will play. In fact from the beginning we are characterized based on gender. In Nora Ephron’s essay “A Few Words About Breasts” she agrees stating,“we were all tyrannized by a rigid set of rules that supposedly determined whether we were boys or girls”. To put in another way men are usually the breadwinners in the world. In a clear perspective to be a male in…

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