How Does Racial Segregation Affect Us Culture / History? Essay

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Rochelle Brown

Instructor McPeake

English 1A

5 November 2016

10. How does racial segregation affect US culture/history?

It is no secret that America has been less than fair when it comes to the treatment of African

Americans in this nation. This segregation has led to the separation of thousands of families throughout

the nation to the Jim Crowe practice; these types of stigma often left a person devastated. On the One

Hundredth celebration of Emancipation, James Baldwin wrote “A Letter to my Nephew,” discussing

the role of race in American history. This letter is often seen as a plea to his teenage Nephew as well as

other young African Americans telling them to let go of their anger and embrace a more compassionate

way of fixing the problems that African Americans face. However, in today 's society, one might argue

that African Americans are doing equivalent as they have in previous years. Since the beginning of

Blacks in the U.S, African Americans have always been depicted as an uneducated, violent, deviant,

and always up to no good individuals. In order to change such negative perspective upon African

Americas, African Americans must ask themselves if that is truly how the average black citizen is?

Such abhorrent images has been stamped into the subconscious of our minds and our countrymen but

are we a product of our own environment? Regardless of the reasons causing segregation one must dig

deeper to acquire the real roots of…

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