How Does Play Affect A Child 's Mental And Social Development?

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Psychology How does play affect a child 's mental and social development?
The independent variable for the psychology discipline is play. I know this because the quality of a child 's development, both mental and social, depends on the amount of play, the type of play and the social aspects included in the play they receive during the beginnings of their lives. In the case that a child is deprived of their play, they could receive huge blows to their social and mental development later in life.
The dependent variable in this question would be a child 's mental and social development. This would be because it hinges on the amount of play a child receives. If a child does not receive the appropriate amount of play during the vital beginnings of their lives, their mental and social development will suffer.

Play can have a huge impact on a child 's development. The benefits of proper amounts and types of play are crucial in a child 's ongoing and rapid brain development, as the article states “it allows children to develop creativity and imagination while developing physical,cognitive and emotional contributes to healthy brain development”. An example of play could be recess, were kids get a 15-30 minute breaks, three times a day, during elementary school, to play outside. This is a critical part of a child 's learning, without these breaks children would miss out on developing simple concepts, as the article mentions “Play…

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