Old Age Effects On Older Adults

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Research questions
How does the death of a love one impact an older adult as they age? Will an older adult react differently than their younger counterpart? How does older age affect emotions?
The purpose of this study is to look at several literature articles with regard to understanding aging and the effects of aging on group of people. The study will also complete a survey and interview with the participants. Aging comes with it set of changes that can impact how one feels. With aging people can lose family members, spouses, and suffer from chronic and many medical disorder. This study will look at how older adult population deal with the loss of a loved verse younger adult to see if there are any differences. They can also miss
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The data will be gathered and availed through the use of questionnaires and interviews. The study will also look at how each group deals with the recently loss of a loved one and how it impacts their emotional state. The older adult group has more participants so that the study can focus on the emotional change over age and how that relates to death of a loved one. The participants will be asked a series of questions and their answers will be recorded and compared once all participants have been interviewed. The participants will be asked how they feel the death has impacted or changed their life. The participants will rate their emotional state on a scale for a period of time to see if there is any change within their emotional …show more content…
The sampling method that works best would be convenience sampling because the population that this study pulls from will not fully represent the population of the Coachella Valley. This will also include having diverse population in regards to socioeconomic status and education. This study will look at 600 older adult individuals in Coachella Valley would participate in the study which will be narrowed down to 400 after confirming they meet the requirements of age and recently lost of loved one. This study would also look at narrowing the population down so that there is an equal number of a man to women. The study also wants to break down the level of education that the participants have completed. This would be broken down to older adults who have completed a college degree, older adults who have some college and older adults who have no college. This would allow the study to see if education correlates in any way to the loss of a loved one and the older adult’s emotional

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