How Does Migration Impact America's Identity

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Throughout our history, the migration and immigration of people has contributed to the American identity and helped to create America’s sense of self. During three periods of history significant changes happened that helped frame who “we” are as a country. In 1600s-1700s Colonial America, Jamestown Colony, Plymouth Colony, and indentured servants helped impact America’s identity. In 1800s Pre-Civil War to Reconstruction, corps of discovery, westward migration to OR,CA, TX and Westward Migration for religious reasons helped impact American’s identity. In late 19th - 20th Century to Modern Times, Ellis Island, Angel Island, and the Great Migration helped identify America’s identity.
The first period of history is called Colonial America dated
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One of the ways this time period helped impact America’s identity was Ellis Island. Ellis Island was located in Upper Bay- New York and was an immigration stop where European immigrants has to stop at before entering America. This place decided if they could stay or if they had to be sent back because of health issues. This impacted the identity of America because this was the first places immigrants went to as they first got to America. This decided if certain people can stay in America. Another way this time period impacted America’s identity was Angel Island. Angel Island was located in Richardson Bay- San Francisco and was similar to Ellis Island, but instead of Europeans, the Chinese and other unwanted were sent to Angel Island. Thousands of immigrants migrate from here and were turned away. Angel Island was more strict than Ellis Island and this prevented many chinese immigrants from coming to America. Another way this time period impacted America’s identity was the Great Migration. The Great Migration was when over one million slaves from the south left and went up to the north. The slaves from the south migrated to the north for more opportunities and because the people in the north respected them not as badly as they were treated in the south. This increased the population of northern cities in the hundreds of …show more content…
In the 1600’s-1700’s, colonies were created and also failed. America just found how to organize its country and started new ways of working like indentured servants and like chattel servants. In the 1800’s, many people came for new opportunities and for more land. America was a great place for people to start their lives again and hopefully make it better than before. In the 1900’s-present time, a lot of Europeans and Chinese immigrated to America in search of a new start and wanted to have a new life. America’s population grew by a lot at this time, so there were many jobs that were being taken away and jobs that were being given. America has changed a lot and will continue to change even in the

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