Essay on How Does Green Space Affect How People Use The Street?

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Introduction Oftentimes, it becomes a question if plants, trees, and green elements are important in a city’s design, especially that of its downtown. After studying the downtown of Halifax, NS, particularly that of Granville and Hollis Street, it is clear that the amount of green space does affect how people use the street. The robotic actions of people both walking and driving are because of the amount of plants, trees, and green elements present in the downtown.
Halifax, Nova Scotia has been a city of development, especially in the downtown area which encompasses Hollis and Granville Street. In the 1950’s Halifax was no exception to the “decay [that] takes place most rapidly on the fringe of the centre” (Grant & Gregory, 2015). Eventually the government began to urbanize and clean up the downtown core. By the 1970’s planning policies sought to intensify the city’s commercial core (Grant & Gregory, 2015). Today, HRM is focusing on promoting an active core by increasing green space and decreasing the use of vehicles (HRM Regional Plan, 2014) The debate of whether the use of plants, trees, and green elements within the urban environment does or does not affect people is still very much alive. Gulsrud and Rutt in their paper “Green justice in the city: A new agenda for urban green space research in Europe” talks about the benefits urbans green space has on both the environment and the people within the city (2016). However, Bixby et al. in their paper…

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