How Does External Actors Affect The Railway Industry

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Business to consumers as directly dealing withend user as landside neighbours can call us directly to complaint and complaint regarding managed station as NR only managed 19 station out of2,953 railway stations in britain.
Who do ur organization trade with - govemennet and businesses – mention it.
Tell us - The type of customer is ur business dealing B2B, B2G, b2c Think about Organistation is business - -B2B to Nr to toc and foc who sell tickets to the customers to use the tarina as they pay NR rent.
Who is the custoemr everyone who uses the railway

Who is the customer and describe – genger , age range, social dempograpic , matical status– type of csutomer business goes for - have 3 factor

If it is a business, what type of business, what industry and what size of business
1.3 analyse how external actors impact on the business activities of an
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Even though there is an element of power culture at NR, where decision are made quick, leadership is tight, howver if decision are made at the top with little influence of the operative staff the carrying out work then the motivaton levels will not be great as one way to encourage motivation is one way to empower and allow them to make decisions and to be involved in the decision making process. For example if one had good ideas and nothing was done about it. What is like to work there, do people leave,
Then think about impsct on ur organ if it has pos, neg,
Two ways to describe the culture for ur organistation but somethines

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