How Does Down Syndrome Affect The One Who Has It And The Family Around Them?

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Down Syndrome

How does Down Syndrome affect the one who has it and the family around them?

Down syndrome is a genetic birth disorder that can cause intellectual and physical disabilities. There are three types of Down Syndrome, all of which the symptoms and physical features are similar. Although the severity can be different depending on the child. Along with these types of Down Syndrome can come various health issues. These issues and symptoms may be hard to cope with at first but with proper management, a full healthy and productive life can be lived. Raising a child with Down Syndrome will have its differences than raises a child without it, but overall it is the same. More time may be required of a parent raising a child with this condition but that does not make it a negative thing. Although more difficult, a child with Down Syndrome can still achieve a successful life and impact the family around them in ways nobody could imagine. In most cases during birth, a child receives 23 chromosomes from each parent. When the child receives an extra copy or a fragment of chromosome 21, Down Syndrome occurs. Down Syndrome is typically traced back to an error in cell division called “nondisjunction”. The other ways that Down Syndrome can occur is through the process of Mosaicism and Translocation. Although a sure cause of Down Syndrome is not fully known, higher maternal age has been connected to higher birth rates of babies with Down Syndrome. There is no…

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