How Does Crime Affect Society? Essay

753 Words Mar 16th, 2016 4 Pages
Statement 1.
Why do you wish to undertake study at NCPS.(200-250 words) The workings of the mind has always intrigued me. I am interested in studying a criminology and criminal justice degree to fulfil a deeper understanding of what crime and criminal justice behaviour actually is?, what makes people commit unthinkable crimes?, how do some criminals commit ruthless crimes?, how does crime affect society? The many questions lingering through my mind drive me more towards this insightful course. Studying Investigative Services and Government Fraud control at the Australian School of Security and Investigations gave me quite an insight into the criminal justice system and is the catalyst to further my education. Presently I am looking for a course that will provide me with a critical outlook on crime and criminal behaviour and also give me a strong grounding for my future career.
My career ambition is to join a law enforcement agency such as the Australian Customs And Border Protection. Studying the Bachelor at NCPS will give me the skills, knowledge and experience required for a job role in this industry as this course covers units such as Transnational Crime, Federal Criminal Law, Drugs & Crime, Terrorism & Society and other units including Law and Ethics & Cultural Diversity. Searching for a university that offers online degrees I became aware of NCPS reputation that your college has for providing this study mode. And I think you are the only college that offers a…

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