How Does Budgeting Differ From That Of Police Departments? Essay

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1. Would you as a police administrator believe the implementation of a planning unit as “good” or “bad”? Why?

As a police administrator, I believe the implementation of a planning unit is beneficial as long as the unit is effective and just the right size. The planning unit is responsible for viable planning and research initiatives which are extremely important in times of increasing budget problems. They are in charge of consistently discovering and reporting on the best and most efficient practices in policing while preparing the background for new ideas and initiatives for the agency. The key is making sure the unit does not become too large where they are wasting resources rather than finding ways to optimize them.

2. Describe how you could apply the concepts of budgeting learned in this lesson to your own life. How does your budgeting differ from that of police departments?

I think a very important concept I learned in this lesson which I can apply to my life is comparing the preceding year’s budget to our actual expenses. My family’s budget is very similar to line-item budgeting. We have certain amount of fund allocated to specific categories, or line items. However, we don’t look back to see how close we were to our budget. Instead we update our budget based on our needs at the time. This is something that is very different than that of a police department. We make changes based on our needs for the week. Staying in line with our budget is important and something…

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