How Does Beowulf Show Loyalty

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Beowulf is an Anglo-Saxon hero because he shows characteristics of being brave, loyal, generous, and friendly. He expresses being brave and friendly by going to battle even when it was not for his own kingdom. Beowulf showed that he wanted to fight for them because it was the right thing to do. He expresses being loyal and generous when he gets rewarded for his battles but will give all of his treasures back to his king. Beowulf shows loyalty to his family and kingdom when he is asked to take the throne. Beowulf shows many examples of bravery and friendship, these qualities show a lot about his character. “As enemies once oppressed you, here, I will bring A thousand warriors, a thousand armed Geats To protect your throne”(Beowulf 178-180). …show more content…
“Healfdane’s great son, heaped up Treasures and precious jewels to reward me”(Beowulf 399-400). Even though Beowulf was given the reward because he fought in the battle, he took it back and gave it to his king. This shows generosity because he could have easily kept some, if not all of the reward to himself, but instead gave it to his king. Since he gave it to his king it shows the loyalty he has for him and his kingdom. “Took the throne he’d refused, once, And held it long and well”(Beowulf 451-452). Beowulf was offered the throne once before and declined because Herdred was the next in line. He did not want to take that away from him and it was only when Herdred died that Beowulf took the throne. Him not taking the throne the first time shows his loyalty to Herdred and him taking the throne after Herdred passed is also showing loyalty to his kingdom. “Then gave the golden sword hilt To Hrothgar”(27-28). This very sword was used in Beowulf's battle against Grendel's mother, it was the sword that killed her. When he presented it to Hrothgar it was a trophy of what had been accomplished during battle. Instead of keeping the trophy for himself he gave it to Hrothgar as a reminder that his kingdom would no longer have to worry about her. This is him being generous and caring more about Hrothgar's kingdom having it than Beowulf keeping it for

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