How Does Autism Spectrum Disorder Be Fairly Common And One Day I Plan?

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I selected this book to read because Autism spectrum disorder appears to be fairly common and one day I plan to specialize in child and adolescents counseling services. I do not have much experience working with autistic children, but this book has helped to clarify a lot of key points on the disorder. Autism spectrum disorder is not a mental disorder and that is a huge misconception in society which fuels the stigma. It is a neurological disorder that causes a disturbance with communication skills socially, academically, and occupationally.
Surprises. I guess I believed the myth that autistic children do not want or crave meaningful social relationships. Reading the book disputed that misconception because Grandin described how she wanted to make connections and craved physical contact, but nervous system made her react in unacceptable ways. The internal dialogue was heartbreaking to read, at times she badly wanted her mother to hug her or hold her, but she would stiffen up or scream if her mother actually touched her. I can see why autistic children act out because wanting something that you could never have is frustrating. Not being able to clearly express your wants or needs can also be irritating. Autistic children do want to make meaningful connections with family members and develop strong friendships they just are not always able to express their true feelings. Sometimes they are responsive in certain situations, but not in others.
I found it surprising that…

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