How Does Attitude Affect Our Own Attitude? Essay example

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The definition of attitude in psychology means an evaluation of an object in a positive or negative fashion that includes the three elements of ABC affect, cognition and behavior. With that said how does attitude affect us in our every life? How can we engage in a social environment? Attitudes have long been considered a central concept of social psychology, over the years as researchers continue on developing new theories on how, and why attitudes exist, the core of it all is to survive and socialize we need attitude. There are different ways you can view on how we develop our own attitude, and there are different factors that can influence how and why attitudes form. Attitudes form directly as a result of experience. They may emerge due to direct personal experience, or they may result from observation. Together with this, social roles share on how people are likely to behave in a specific role or context. With this in mind we have to consider society has formed rules regarding on what some type of behaviors are considered appropriate.
We must remember our brains hold 100 billion neurons, which we make new connections at all times. It is a cycle that does not stop until the day we are gone from this earth. Since our cerebral cortex is the most evolved from other mammals our thinking and intelligence is what differentiate us from them. We humans use cognition in our everyday life, especially social cognition that helps us understand and predict the behavior of…

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