How Does Amir's Actions Lead to Him Feeling Guilty for the Rest of His Life- the Kite Runner

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“The guilty one is not he who commits the sin, but the one who causes the darkness.” – Victor Hugo. In the novel, The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini, Khaled effectively portrays guilt as being destructive to oneself and affecting others around it. The violence that the main character, Amir, experiences leads to him feeling guilty for rest of his life, which breaks up the relationships that he once had in his previous years. Amir’s guilt turns brother against brother and friend against friend. In the novel, The Kite Runner, Khaled uses the character, Amir, to demonstrate how violence leads to betrayal, which creates guilt within oneself, and ultimate destroying relationships.

The impact of violence on Amir leads him to betray Hassan,
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He cannot help it but hate Hassan and avoid him because that was the only way not to punish himself by thinking about Hassan. For Amir it is a torture to see Hassan because he knows what he did was wrong and should not have sold his friend for some kite. Also this is the turning point for both Amir and Hassan because Amir stand Hassan and starts to plot against him.

In the end, Amir plots against Hassan, which is the turning point for Amir, Hassan, Baba and Hassan’s father, Ali. Amir puts his watch given to him by his father, Baba, under Hassan’s mattress and accuses him of stealing it. Hassan being a good friend agrees that he stole the watch and takes the blame. Ali quits for working for Baba’s family and leaves with Hassan. This ends Baba’s relationship with Ali because Baba “grew up with Ali” and says, “My father took him in, he loved Ali like his own son. Forty years Ali’s been with my family” (Hosseini 95). Baba’s friendship was very close and all this happens due to Amir’s betrayal towards Hassan. All their friendship is destroyed due to one blue kite that Amir adores more than Hassan. This breaks the bond between both friendships as Ali and Hassan leave and never come back.

Through Amir’s betrayal towards Hassan leads to breaking their relation with each other and also their both fathers. Amir makes a wrong decision by watching his best friend get raped in front of his eyes and does nothing about it. He feels that the kite is worth more than

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