How Do Science Fiction Influences People?

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Science leaves people with many questions. There so many unexplained things that happen around the world. Many scientists and people have a different answer about things. Also, people question what true and not true because only have a theory on things. Also, many people through history knew about things device, airplanes, spaceships, and many other things. In this research paper, I am going research what scientists or people research about devices years before it was made. How I feel about scientists and have opinion change about their ideas. Also, scientists fiction characters evil or good for their ideas. Also, I am going how science fiction influences people and how scientists ' theory is a positive or negative thing. Also, I am going write how …show more content…
It hard to know what to believe. Scientists have too many theory, for example, Global Warming. Many scientists have their theory on what 's causing it and what 's going to happen. That influence people take care of the planet. Also, scientists have a different theory on the food people eat. Some scientists said some food cause cancer and some scientists said that some food prevents cancer. Also, scientists said that cell phone cause ear cancer or brain tumors. Science fiction movies might great influence on people, especially alien abduction, according to scientists and doctors they believe that people who said have been abducted by alien are too influenced by alien abduction movies they start to believe they would abduct. Scientists ' theory a big effect on how people think and believe. Science fiction movies and books can scare people. Some people sleep with a night light. Scientists also make people believe something that not true, for example, the dinosaurs. Scientists have been telling us that the dinosaurs died before humans, but according to research that other scientists that cannot be possible. Most scientists only have a theory. (Lipps,

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