How Do Economic Activities Affect The Environment

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Register to read the introduction… The introduction of foxes and cats into Australia has brought new predators into the ecosystems and many species of small mammals and birds are now extinct or endangered as a result. Rabbits eat the food of native herbivores, putting added pressure on the environment. They also damage the pastures and crops of farmers. Native animals that depend on the plants eaten by grazing animals have also decreased in number. Water buffalo are now considered a pest because they cause erosion and muddiness in the water with upsets both the land and water ecosystems.

A major way in which humans have reduced biodiversity is by destroying the habitats of plants and animals. The largest areas have been affected by forestry and farming, where trees and shrubs may be partly or totally cleared. This devastates ecosystems and is probably the main human threat to biodiversity. A biome of major concern is tropical rainforests, where the balance between animals, plants and soil is very delicate. These forests are the areas of greatest biodiversity and scientists re very concerned that many species will become extinct, even before their existence is
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It affects the land, air and water of Earth. It also affects the survival of living tings on earth both directly and indirectly. Some forms of pollution are:
1. Air pollution as a result of smoke, gases from vehicles and industrial waste gases
2. Water pollution as a result of chemical wastes from industry and mining, fertilisers, oil, detergents and sewage.
3. Soil pollution as a result of household and industrial waste that is not biodegradable.
4. Noise pollution caused by jet aircrafts, motor vehicles and machinery.
5. Heat pollution, particularly from hot water released into oceans and streams by industry

Humans are destroying the planet they live on by trying to find ways for their lives to be more comfortable.. We seriously need to start being more sustainable and start caring for our environment because once it is gone, you can’t get it back. We only have one chance at this because we only have one world that we live in. We need to realize that it’s not all about living better lives, it’s about preserving this planet for as long as

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