How Different Genres Can Be Used On Multiple Discourse Communities

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The purpose of this paper is to look at how different genres can be used in multiple discourse communities. The two articles being looked at is of Poor Sleep Predicts Subacute Postconcussion Symptoms Following Mild Traumatic Brain Injury by Karen Sullivan et. all and Materiality and Genre in the Study of Discourse Communities by Amy Devitt et. all. In this comparison and contrast essay, there will be three main sections. Identification will compare and contrast the document’s structure and purpose. The analysis of the two articles will consist of the styles of writing used in both articles as well as the goals both articles hope to accomplish. Finally, the reflection section of the paper will explain what can be taken away from both articles and applied to the neuropsychological discourse community.

Neuropsychology’s main purpose is to examine the relationship between brain and behavior and to see what happens to behavior when the brain is damaged. The most effective method of looking at brain and behavior relationships is through either doing or reading about scientific research. In this community, neuropsychologists value results that will allow them to further understand the brain and behavior relationship and develop methods which will help patients cope with their cognitive disabilities. In order for research to allow these advancements in the neuropsychological community, writers must have the ability to communicate through research…

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