How Did The Tea Act Contribute To The American Revolution

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During the years after the Seven Years’ War (1756-63) there was an increase in tension between the British and the American colonists. Parliament issued taxes and had the presence of British troops on American soil, crowds voiced their opinions on Parliamentary control and hostility became dangerous to the British lawmakers. Taxes were implemented without the consent of colonists and resistance against Britain began. The Sugar Act (1764) was established to decrease the smuggling of sugar into the colonies; it taxed Americans for colonial trade. The following year, a Stamp Act (1765), which “taxed virtually every piece of public paper in the colonies”, was established. This act compelled Americans to boycott British goods, which then forced …show more content…
Taxation may have given Parliament the money they wanted after the war, however, Americans had alternative views. In 1770, a rebellious crowd of Americans took to the streets of Boston to pester the British troops; citizens threw snowballs only to have the troops open fire on the crowd. Five civilians died, the Boston Massacre fueled “the colonial public to the Patriot cause.” Following the backlash against the Boston Massacre was the Tea Act (1773); this act again did not benefit the colonists, Britain was looking out for themselves and the struggling East Indian Company. Boston was left to take action for themselves, this lead to the Boston Tea Party, after Boston’s revolt “Parliament responded with a series of harsh measures intended to stifle colonial resistance to the British rule; two years later the war began.” Although a majority of American colonies were willing to fight for the independence and the voice of their country, there were small towns outside of the larger cities that were reluctant to the Revolutionary approach. The town of Concord had been focused on the community’s well being, which included traditional aspirations, the townspeople did not include themselves in Boston’s protests, however, this soon changed once word broke out about the Boston Tea

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