Martin Luther's Role In The Reformation

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Reformation Reformation was very significant in Europe because without it the power the Catholic Church possessed would have only kept getting larger. As in the Renaissance, the Reformation looked back at history for influence. The thinkers of this Age wanted to reinstitute early christianity and its virtue. The Reformation impacted the history of the West greatly. For the very first time Western Europe’s people would be allowed to be a part of a different Christian practices. Martin Luther played a key role in the Reformation in Germany. The Reformation was brought on by a mixture of many different components. The factor that played the largest role was the growing frustration with the Catholic Church. The church had become corrupt and the spiritual power was being used to manipulate people for monetary and political gain. The people of Europe wanted some things to change because they were over how the Catholic Church was doing things. They were over the church trying to control everything. Another factor was the political desires Henry’s court possessed. Henry wanted a divorce but the Catholic Church didn’t believe in such a thing. He was willing to do whatever he had to do to get a divorce from his wife Catherine of Aragon. He married her because he was desired a male heir to his throne. He had found his true love Anne …show more content…
His parents were poor peasants who made a living by mining. His father knew that mining was a hard life and insisted he become a lawyer. He attended the University of Erfurt where he got his Master of Arts degree. It looked like Luther was on the perfect path to become a lawyer. He was caught in a thunderstorm that was very bad and he was scared for his life. He didn’t know what else to do but pray to St. Anne and promise her to become a monk if she spared his life. The rain is said to of stopped immediately. He fulfilled his promise to St. Anne even though his dad wasn’t the

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