Essay about How Did The Mongolians Happen On The 13th And 14th Century?

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Were the Mongolians really that Barbaric First of all, the Mongolians started off as a small tribe which originated from the grasslands of central Asia and they lived in moveable houses that they called yurts. The people knew little about mining and they didntdid not care anything about farming. But one person changed it all, this person change the way the Mongolians worked and his name Temuchin. Temuchin was born in 1167 on the Mongolian plains and in 1206 he won the leadership of the group and then was given the name Genghis Khan and he began to grow larger. The Mongols army swept across much of Asia, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe. And the nation extended from Korea to Poland, and from Vietnam to Syria and nothing like this have ever been seen before. The impact of the Mongolians happen on the 13th and 14th century. While some people would say the Mongolians were not barbaric, they were because the Mongolians used biological weapons, were unfair towards women, and were cruel and abusive.

First of all, the Mongols were barbaric due to the fact that the Mongols used biological weapons. The Mongols would use catapults to shoot the already dead infected people over the city wall to spread the disease (Black Plague) in the city.(From the movie) The Mongols also melted human fat of the people they already killed and would shoot the melted human fat on homes and villages and would let it burn and cause a huge fire.(Document 3) This is showing that the…

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