How Did The Japanese War Affect Russia? Explain The State Of Russia 's Economy And Government Between 1894-1914

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How did the Russo-Japanese War affect Russia? Explain the state of Russia’s economy and government between 1894-1914. (At least three paragraphs). (9 PTS) In 1904, the Russo-Japanese War occurred due to a conflict over which country would control Korea, Manchuria, and Port Arthur. The conflict began with Russia forming an alliance with China over Japan, thus controlling a part of the Manchurian territory. This territory stretched from the Trans-Siberian Railroad to the Chinese controlled area of Manchuria. Japan attempted to negotiate a plan which would divide Manchuria into spheres of influence, but Russia was unwilling to agree. The primary cause for the refusal was that Russia was blinded by the belief that Japan would be easily defeated, and a “looming Russian revolution” could simply be avoided by a Russian victory (Infobase). After Russia “weaseled out” of an agreement to remove their troops from Manchuria, Japan decided that it was finally time to attack (Britannica). As a result, Japan attacked Port Arthur, a Russian naval base at the time (now known as Lu shun). The attack on Port Arthur greatly surprised Russia at the time, and the base was easily destroyed. At this time, Russia had considerably underestimated Japan’s power, since Russia was known as a great European power, while Japan was not. As a result of this disadvantage, Japan prepared itself to modernize its military, and ultimately the entire nation. Meanwhile, Russia sends its Baltic fleet to travel…

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