Essay about How Did the First World War Affect British Society

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When we think about war, we think about words like death, disabled people, conquer and destroy. Without exception, the Great War during 1914-1918 was a catastrophe to the people and the countries involved. For Britain, the casualty numbered approximately 722000. It counts for 6.3 percent of the male aged 15-49 of the whole country (Beckett, 2001: 312). 1600000 wives lost their husbands. 300000 children lost their father. Millions were wounded or disfigured permanently (Bourne, 1989:178). Though miseries bought by the war were hard to release, on the other hand, a dissolving effect on the structure of the society as a consequence of the war generated positive influences on the British community (Marwick, 2006: 27). For instance, relative …show more content…
Meanwhile, women also hold a positive attitude towards the changes in society. Even the middle-class and upper-class women were pleased to attend to work in munition. 400000 women were employed in the first twelve months(Beckett, 2001: 327). This phenomenon soon spread into other fields. It first started by the Army Council authorized woman's employment as cook and waitresses in Britain in April 1915(Beckett, 2001: 325). Women leaped out of the traditional 'invisible' employment and involved into traditionally "masculine" occupations like transportation, engineering, business and even military forces because of the shortage of labor force. The women employment leaped from 26 percent in 1914 to 36 percent in 1918. Not only the increase of number, women are visible in public without limitation in choosing the job. The young and mid-class women could experience absolutely new choices of working outside while the working class women might be able to choose jobs they would not be able to have access before. Like buses and trains, banks and officers.(Robb, 2002: 40). Many women were conscious of the new social status they could achieve and demand for more platform for women in community.

However, the equal pay of different gender did not happen simultaneously. With the tremendous military production requirement exhausted the labor force in munitions, women labor seemed to be the best choice for leasing the pressure on production. Therefore, dilution was carried out

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