How Did The Columbian Exchange Affect The World

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The Columbian Exchange is known throughout the world as one of the most spectacular and ecological events to ever take place. You could look at the Exchange as something that had a negative effect on the world but I firmly believe that with all the positives that come from this trade, the negatives are outmatched. The Columbian Exchange had many positive effects on the social, economies, and all of the cultures of both the New and Old Worlds. One of the greatest things to come from the Columbian Exchange was the increase of food production throughout the entire globe. Economically, the Columbian Exchange had such a great impact on the Old and New Worlds. One of, if not the greatest impact the Exchange had on the world, was the increase in food supply. I really like a quote from a famous historian by the name of Alfred Crosby, he said the following: “The coming together of the continents was a prerequisite for the population …show more content…
One of the most common diseases that was spread was smallpox. These kinds of diseases spread so fast, that sometimes Europeans had caught diseases from the Native Americans without even coming in contact with them and vice versa with the Native Americans. You know that saying about trying to find a positive in every negative thing? Well, I look at it this way, with these diseases being spread, I feel like more that people know about them, the better chance there will be that someone can find a cure for it. These diseases ended up killing a large portion of the population throughout the world which lead to more problems such as slavery. In the Americas, the germs killed off nearly 90 percent of the native people so. Slavery in America played a huge role in the culture back then. It was socially acceptable to have slaves back then but if you look at the world today, you would be a looked at much

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