How Did The Antiwar Movement Affect American Culture? Essay

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The Vietnam War lasted from 1954 to 1975. The war was met by a mixed reaction from Americans, with the unpopular opinion being against the war. People of different race, gender and background went against the war and created a movement called the antiwar movement. This movement became one of the biggest social movements in U.S. history. How did the antiwar movement affect American culture? Established organizations had taken a stance against the war and some like SDS had become a major part of it. There was a division between the counterculture and the antiwar movement as there was a cultural difference. The Civil Rights Movement influenced many of the forms of protests and demonstrations. The antiwar activist sought to combine the two movements, but there was a strain between the two. Men who were eligible for draft resisted and wished to not take part in the morally wrong war. Women joined the movement, only to be disregarded, which prompted them create their own organization. The WSP played a big, but often forgotten role when it came to the draft resistance. The Vietnam War affected all Americans either directly or indirectly. There was an international meeting between countries that signed the Geneva Accords which forced Vietnam to be temporarily divided with the Viet Minh controlling the Northern half and Emperor Bao Dai controlling the Southern half. The United States government did not sign the Geneva Accords and saw South Vietnam as the state that could fight…

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