How Did Slavery End In The 1860's?

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Did slavery really end in the 1860’s ? The Atlantic slave trade and human trafficking today has many similarities; however, they also have many differences. One of those differences is the way the people are recruited and taken into slavery. Many of us aren’t aware of human trafficking and it can be happening all around our neighborhood without us even knowing. The Atlantic slave trade and human trafficking have many resemblances. Two of those resemblances are that the people were treated like animals and were sold to make profit off of them. In the Atlantic slave trade the slaves were taken in a boat from Africa to the United States for a long period of time. While being in the boat they were treated in poorly conditions; they were all squished together, and only fed small amounts of food if they looked strong enough to survive the voyage. The people that are human trafficked are tricked by being told they are going to work for a better future. They go with the person that lied to them and when they arrive to their destination they are …show more content…
In the Atlantic slave trade the Africans really had no power to fight against the Africans who kidnapped them; they were just hit in the head and taken away. Today in human trafficking there are many ways people get into the human trafficking system. The main way people are taken into human trafficking is by being lied to. The human traffickers tell people that they are going to work and get paid to do so; a lot of people accept the offer because they are in a tight situation and need a way to make money in order to survive. Some women are tricked by human traffickers who pretend to be in a relationship with them and bring them into the United States and then they are human trafficked. Other times people are in an extreme need of money and sell their children so they can

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