Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass Summary

Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass follows a man who found freedom after many years of slavery. The narrative starts of by telling us where Frederick Douglass was born, which was Tuckahoe. He also mentions his mom Harriet Bailey. She died when Frederick was about seven years old. His first master was Captain Anthony. The overseer was Mr. Severe, he was a very cruel. Later he was replaced by Mr. Hopkins. Frederick and many slaves lived in a place called the great house farm. Frederick talks about the slaves and mentioned how they would put tar on a fence guarding fruit trees so that if anyone crossed they’d have tar. One slave got caught with tar and was sold immediately. Then again a new overseer appeared, Mr. Gore. He was crueler than Mr. Hopkins. He once killed a slave that didn’t want to get out of a lake and Mr. Gore wasn’t penalized for the murder. At that time Frederick was too small to be in the field. He was later sent to live in Baltimore. There his new master became Thomas Auld the son of Hugh Auld. Mrs. Auld showed sympathy to Frederick. She later starts teaching Frederick how to read. Mr. Auld is disturbed by this because he knows that it teaches the slaves bad ideas. This makes Mrs. Auld very cruel but Frederick is now tempted to learn how to read. He starts learning from the white kids who go to school. He also hears many people mention abolishment and wonders what it means. Later he helps some guys carry boxes and they tell him to run away he feels that this is a trap so …show more content…
He does not want to be a slave for the rest of his life. He rather die than be a slave for the rest of his life. The author wrote this book to fight or abolish slavery. When Frederick was writing this book he worked as an abolitionist and this book helped him fight slavery and to this day it impacts many

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