How Did Bill Clinton Use Drugs

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President Clinton comes into office with a new approach to the War on drugs. Unlike his predecessors, he as actually tried illegal drugs, just marijuana, and grew up with the antiwar protests. Clinton’s view on the drug is that it was a disease that can be treated and spend millions of dollars into funding treatment centers. One of his failures is that went he signed the North Atlantic deal with Canada and Mexico, it made it hard for the DEA agents to find drugs in the products. The deal provided the perfect cover for drug traffickers to smuggle drugs to the country because now they can have it on trucks full of commercial goods. After years of debate, the sentencing commission noticed the racial disparities in the crack or cocaine possessions but sadly congress overruled their decision. It would not be until Obama’s presidency when they would finally change the law. Clinton tried to solve one of the main issues of the drug trade since Reagan but it ended in failure. President Clinton presided over a dip in incarceration rates since the Drug War started. Shown in the graph above, there is a dip during his presidency that has not been seen …show more content…
Depending on the arrest rates and laws is how Successful the presidency was. Unlike most presidents, Clinton tried to change the drug laws and provide more treatment than punishment. But with the grunge look of the 90’s and celebrity interest in heroin, it was proven quite difficult for him. He did allow for money to flow into new treatment centers and research but when it came to it he was not able to change anything major. In terms of Success, Clinton gets an A- because unlike the other presidents he didn’t just add laws and arrest people, he took a different approach. As shown in the graph, after him the arrest started to increase as the new millennium begins and continues to rise until 2010 where there is

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