How Constantine Saved Rome And Spread Christianity Essay

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Do you know how Christianity spread? Do you know how Rome was saved? In this essay, I will be talking about how Constantine saved Rome and spread Christianity. His father, Flavius Valerius Constantius, was one of the members of the army. In 208, Constantine 's father left his wife and married the stepdaughter of Maximian and he was elevated to the deputy emperor under Maximian. Since his father was the Deputy Emperor Constantine wanted to fight battles with his father so he joined the army.

After his father Constantius died in 305 the next year 306 his soldiers made his son Constantine the next ruler.He started fighting different powerful nations because he wanted to officially be known as the king ( "Constantine I." A&E Networks Television, n.d. Web. 06 Apr. 2016.). During the time of civil war, he kept his position safe and never let it go. Constantine fought Maxentius and his son in Italy. He had a vision or dream that he should print a sign on the shields of the soldiers and ordered a Christian symbol to be printed on his soldiers shield. He entered the fight with this symbol and he was victorious in the fight. They say that the symbol printed on the shield was an X. People say he marked Christ on his head to protect him and let him win the fight (Book- Age of Constantine). When Constantine became the western Roman emperor. During his reign, there was a big problem in Rome; people were killing Christians during this time. He revealed the Edict of Milan…

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