How Capitalist Exploited The Working Class Through Wages System

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Raising the wages and reducing the working day are common issues demanded by labor movements both among traditional and contemporary movements. The desire to live a better life and to live in prosperity are a universal aspiration pursued by human including a working class. In prosperity condition, they have more resources to realize various needs and an availability of leisure time to carry out life activities other than working. In order to respond to the demand, capitalists attempt to reorganize themselves by deploying productivity deal, a concept of wage, which is based on a level of productivity. It tried to tie wage increases to productivity increases and thus harness working-class struggle as a motor of capitalist development. In other words, the employment of productivity deal is a capitalist’s reaction against the continuous demand for increasing wages.
The traditional Marxists mostly defined capitalism as an economic system, not its essence. Thus, their study focus on specific forms of how capitalist exploited the working class through wages system. The political objective of the traditional Marxists is an abolition of the wages system. This perspective is based on the theoretical understanding that working is a natural condition in all society and a fundamental character defining human existence. Therefore, the objective of capitalist abolition is a classless society in which each individual works to achieve personal and collective satisfactions without…

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