How Can You Make Your Pc Faster? Essay

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How to make my PC faster

For increased productivity, it is imperative to ensure that the PC or the personal computer runs faster. Faster PC not only adds to the productivity of the company or enterprise but also boosts the efficiency of the individuals working with it. There are a number of ways by which you can expect to make your PC fast. Some of which are mentioned below.

Check available disk space in your system

To make a personal computer run fast, it is essential to check the space available in its hard disk. It is important to keep 15% of the HDD free so that the computer can run smoothly. In order to accomplish this you need to get rid of unnecessary programs, applications and files from the system. Without such action, the PC gets slowed down that immensely inhibits the performance and productivity of the system. On deletion of useless programs, files and applications, they are moved to the recycle bin. Since the recycle bin is a part of the system therefore it is indispensable to empty it. Unless you do that the problem of slow PC persists. Faster PC windows 7 or other OS are always cherished by the users and therefore they do all the things that are crucial to enhance the yield of their company or enterprises.

Stop unnecessary programs from running during the booting process

For a faster PC start-up, it is vital to stop unnecessary programs from starting during the booting process of the computer. This is because, during the system initialization process if…

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