How Business Ethics Class Ethics Essay

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This review is intended to explain and analyze how business ethics class helps the student to understand and realize their values. Ultimately, practicing these values. In the article “Can We Teach Character? An Aristotelian Answer,” the author Edwin M. Hartman applies Aristotle’s view of ethics and his thought of virtues to support his claim that good character is teachable, and business ethics class would have cultivated good moral values to students. I believe that typical ethic course could teach one’s basic regard to right or wrong and morality, but one is free to made its own decision on what is right to do. Perhaps, this article provides some guidelines on ethical behaviors and how to pursue to live in good moral life.

Background information

Nowadays, in American school, many students are from different places, practicing different cultures and religions. Therefore, many schools avoid to teach ethics course. However, others believe that ethics course is essential and will have a tremendous impact to a student’s future career and life style. Hence, it should be taught despite others factors. Based on the article, Hartman uses many of Aristotle’s assertion to prove that ethics course could help the student to understand the basic of good characters. First, the author introduces the general meaning of ethics and good characters. Next, Hartman emphasizes on how these good characters will make impact on one’s community and organization. Lastly, he employs…

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