Character Analysis: A Lesson Before Dying

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Setting: 1940s Bayonne, Louisiana
Tone: Grant’s narrative voice shows anger and racism in his society
Theme: Grant couldn’t stand the racism in his society. He wants to run away and leave the society he lives in because of its racism acts that he thinks will not change. He wants to live his life in a society that will not judge him based on his skin color. Grant could see that the trail is just a performance with a predictable ending; Jefferson would be found guilty because of this racist society. Grant also thinks it’s unfair because in Jefferson’s trail, justice was given by white people, like the judge, the jury, and the lawyers. But by the end of the novel, through Grant’s help and teachings, Jefferson knew that by dying like a man he will prove that the society accused him of being guilty not because
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Also by dying like a man he would make his family and other people in his community proud. So as he faced his execution calmly, he was known as the strongest man in the room. Through Jefferson, Grant finally realized that you can make a difference even by small changes and victories. He also learned to face responsibility of his own life.

Plot: A Lesson Before Dying is about an innocent black man in his mid-twenties whose been accused of murder. His side of the story was that he was going to the bar, but decided that he would join two strange men who were going to the liquor store. When they arrived, the two men, one called Brother and the other called Bear started arguing

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