How Body Image Is Defined By The State Of Being Male Or Female

2013 Words Nov 3rd, 2016 9 Pages
The world we live in is such a complex place that we are all trying to just function and survive in. As we all grow up we go through the phases of figuring who we are and who my want to be. That’s when people figure out their gender and sexual orientation. As in our world, gender is defined by the state of being male or female. Sexual orientation is a person’s sexual identity and expression. That might be different from our cultural expectations that is based on the sex the person was assigned at birth. There are many factors that come up when people are trying to figure who they are. An important process in growing up in life is, an individual’s body image. Body image is defined as a subjective picture or mental image of one’s own body. Body image is a very crucial factor in anyone lives, because if you don’t see yourself the true way you are, there will be negative and unhealthy consequences. Looking at our society today and how much its change over the years, it is sad how much mass media has negatively influences people and starting at a young age. Especially, during the teenager years it’s an important phase in a person’s life when they are trying to figure out who they are and who they feel most comfortable being. The society puts a lot of pressure on the people from so many directions; like from financial and career decisions to lifestyle choices. One of the most influential factors in our society that affects every individual is the mass media. As the mass media…

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